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    Tooth Infection Treatment, Wisdom Tooth & Root Canal Infection

    An infected tooth can lead to serious pain that can really put you out of commission. Count on your general dentist Dr. Khabensky to find the source of your pain and treat it appropriately, often after a round of medication to eliminate the infection. When you build a relationship with family dentistry in Brooklyn with extensive training and experience, you also reduce the risk of wisdom tooth infection and root canal infection.

    While a toothache may sound like a small thing that just affects your mouth, the pain can be so intense that it seems to radiate to other parts of your body and fully occupy your thoughts. An infected tooth can be the source of systemic infections throughout your whole body. And the pain from your infected tooth is usually a sign of a more serious, underlying condition.

    Soreness, pain, and sensitivity serve as early warning signs of an infected tooth. While good oral hygiene is the key to prevention, you need the help of the best-rated dentists in Brooklyn after infection sets in to end your pain and save your tooth.

    Infection Warning Signs

    A throbbing, sore tooth is a warning sign that you cannot ignore. If left untreated, even a simple or minor infection can grow to become a serious problem. You may notice a bad taste in your mouth or have particularly bad breath that brushing won’t eliminate.

    You may have a noticeable cause for your infection, like a cracked or broken tooth. But it’s entirely possible for infections to run deeper, into the core of your tooth. Then, you may not be aware of an infected tooth for a long while. Signs that you have an infected tooth include:

    • Throbbing pain in your tooth, neck or jaw
    • Swelling
    • Redness in your gums
    • Fever
    • Sensitivity to hot or cold
    • Pressure sensitivity
    • Sore or swollen lymph nodes

    These are all potential indications that your body is fighting an infection. If you have both fever and swelling, or if you have trouble swallowing or breathing, seek medical attention immediately. If you’re having pain in your jaw or the surrounding area, the infection may be spreading.

    If you’re in a lot of pain due to an infected tooth, contact your dentist in Brooklyn and ask about same-day care. Seek treatment, even if you have to go to an emergency room or urgent care center. A tooth infection or abscess isn’t something to be ignored or taken lightly.

    Getting to the Root of the Problem

    Untreated tooth decay is the number one reason for painful tooth infections. It’s easy for an infection to develop inside of a cracked or broken tooth. When harmful bacteria have an opportunity to get past your enamel, your pulp and nerves run a high risk of infection.

    Waiting to have an abscess treated allows the infection to become more complicated. Without treatment, an abscess can spread to neighboring teeth or into your jaw bone. If you have especially deep or pronounced grooves in your molars, your chance of infection or abscess increases drastically.

    Wisdom Tooth Infection

    Wisdom Tooth
    Wisdom Tooth

    A wisdom tooth infection is typically caused by impacted wisdom teeth. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed because these third and final sets of molars have a tendency to grow improperly, such as coming in underneath your existing molars.

    Partially erupted wisdom teeth are a breeding ground for harmful and unhealthy bacteria. Pericoronitis is just a fancy way of saying wisdom tooth infection, and it can be difficult to treat. A wisdom tooth infection is unlikely to heal until these teeth either come in completely or are removed.

    Root Canal Infection

    A root canal infection is the result of a failed root canal. If for any reason bacteria remains in your canal following a root canal procedure, they multiply and reproduce at an alarming rate. This also happens if your crown or filling don’t fit properly.

    Root canal infection is resolved by an additional root canal procedure or by apicoectomy. For this procedure, your dentist cuts into your gum near the base of your tooth and removes and physically cleans the infected tissue away from the canals and root ends of your tooth. Relying on the expertise of your Brooklyn family dentist reduces the chances of getting a root canal infection.

    Don’t Postpone Infected Tooth Treatment

    Your infection must be resolved before your tooth can be treated. Antibiotics are generally a necessary tool to combat your infection. Root canals are often required and help to ensure your infection is completely removed from your tooth.

    Contacting your dentist in Brooklyn at the first signs of infection saves you from suffering needlessly. Proper dental hygiene is the first step toward prevention. And staying current with your dental exams can help stop infections before they start.

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