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    Dental Crowns

    What Is a Dental Crown?

    A damaged tooth that’s broken, cracked, or has worn down enamel may need a dental crown procedure to restore it with a tooth cap. A tooth crown (cap) restores your teeth’ appearance, improves your oral health and the ability to chew. Dr. Khabensky, the top-rated dentist, offers different dental crowns such as porcelain (ceramic) crowns, Zirconia crowns, Emax, and BruxZir crowns as well as silver and gold crowns. These choices provide a dental crown cost to fit any budget. Getting a high-quality crown enables you to have natural-looking porcelain teeth and a beautiful smile.

    When Are Dental Crowns Used?

    Top-quality dental work is one of the best investments you can make. You’re investing in more than your smile. A dental crown or a tooth cap procedure in our cosmetic dental practice can make a drastic impact on your entire self-image and your future dental health.

    before after dental crowns
    Dental Crowns Before and After

    Teeth crowns serve several purposes, such as:

    • Cover or tooth cap one of your natural teeth
    • In conjunction with a dental implant to improve functionality and restore the appearance of your smile. Dental implants combine cutting-edge dental technology with the custom-fit craftsmanship of dental crowns.

    We provide a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as bonding, porcelain veneers (laminates), and tooth crowns including gold and silver caps using the latest dental techniques and technologies available.

    Types of Dental Crowns

    New advances in porcelain crown cost and technology put an end to the question of how long porcelain crowns last.

    Porcelain crowns have been the gold standard of dental crown aesthetics among other types of crowns for a long time.

    And the technology behind ceramic crowns continues to improve, keeping them at the top of the game for realistic-looking dental caps. The leading dental specialist such as Dr. Khabensky offers the latest advancements, including:

    • Emax crowns
    • BruxZir crowns
    • Zirconia crowns

    How Much Does a Crown Cost?

    Often, the cost of a crown is covered by insurance. Porcelain crown cost depends on the results you want, including your concern regarding how long do porcelain crowns last. You can have a solid porcelain crown or a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown.

    This less expensive option produces a stronger tooth crown, but since you can see the metal at the base of your tooth, it’s a poor option for visible front teeth. For an attractive front tooth crown where dental crown cost is less of a concern, new materials are proving to be the future of dental work.

    How Long Do Crowns Last?

    Regardless of the types of crowns you choose, on average, dental crowns last 10 to 15 years and are very easy to look after. You simply need to brush and floss your teeth as you usually do.

    Zirconia Crowns Make Ideal Solutions

    Zirconia Dental Crowns Brooklyn NY
    Zirconia Crowns Before and After

    Zirconia has taken the medical and dental worlds by storm.

    Zirconia dental crowns are made from an exceptionally strong crystal and are five times stronger than traditional porcelain crowns.

    Since the mineral is compatible with the human body, you have a lower chance of infection or complication.

    Dentists prefer zirconia over porcelain for covering tooth damage caused by:

    • fractures
    • stains

    Disadvantages of zirconia crown

    The zirconia crown disadvantages center around their strength. One of zirconia crowns’ problems is that it’s so strong, it’s more difficult to work with. Another one of zirconia crown disadvantages is that you won’t see decay until it’s too late.

    X-rays can’t penetrate zirconia, so you won’t realize you have zirconia crown problems until you develop tooth crown pain or your crown falls off.

    But the advantages of zirconia dental crowns are hard to deny. The crystal material has an amazingly life-like finish, and it’s extraordinarily durable. Since these crowns fuse so well, they require less of your natural tooth to be removed to fit the tooth crown.

    For most people, zirconia crowns problems never become an issue. 

    BruxZir Crowns Are Also Incredible

    BruxZir crowns are the most prescribed brand of full-contour zirconia dental crowns. They’re used for:

    • Implant crowns
    • Full arch, fixed implants
    • Inlay or Onlay with no need for porcelain overlay

    BruxZir crown prep can be more difficult for your cosmetic dentist because the substance is incredibly hard. But BruxZir crown prep to prepare your actual tooth for the crown is less invasive than traditional crowns because the process requires less natural tooth removal.

    There aren’t many BruxZir crown disadvantages. As with other types of zirconia dental material, one of the primary BruxZir crown disadvantages is that the material is so strong, you won’t know there’s a problem until it happens.

    Emax Crowns Are a Popular Alternative

    crowns Brooklyn
    Emax Crowns Before and After

    Emax crowns are a specific type of all-ceramic crowns. They’re growing in popularity because they are both durable and attractive. Emax crowns have a beautiful translucent finish that’s nearly impossible to distinguish from the rest of your teeth since they’re carved from a single piece of lithium disilicate glass.

    And unlike zirconia, Emax crown prep isn’t difficult. The material is a lot easier to work with and can be milled to fit your smile perfectly.

    Emax crown prep only requires a small amount of your tooth to be removed to fit your crown.

    Crown cost is one of the main emax crown disadvantages. The new material and less invasive crow procedure tend to be more expensive. There are surprisingly few Emax crown problems, although they’re currently recommended only for single-tooth restorations. Most people never have Emax crown problems.

    The realistic color and finish of these tooth crowns are without equal, so aesthetically speaking, there aren’t any Emax crown disadvantages.

    Learn How You Can Get a Dental Crown on the Same Day

    Lots of us have been in this situation where you need a new crown, only to learn that you will have to visit your dentist at least twice and that you will need to wear a temporary crown for a couple of weeks or even longer.

    It’s not ideal, but due to the way conventional crowns are made, it’s really the only solution, or is it? Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly common for your dentist to offer a same-day crown service.

    What Is a Same-Day Crown?

    With a same-day crown, your tooth will be prepared, your new restoration made and fitted during a single comfortable appointment.

    The advantage of same-day crown treatment is immediately obvious, as there is no need for a temporary crown and you won’t need to find the time to return to your dental office for a second visit to have your crown fitted and cemented in place.

    Instead, you will leave your dental office having completed your treatment. It is an absolutely perfect situation if you need a new crown straight away and really can’t wait weeks to have it fitted, for example, if you are about to go on vacation or have an important event to attend.

    How Is a Same-Day Crown Even Possible?

    This is made possible by using the very latest CADCAM technology and which delivers precision-made crowns while the patient is still in the dental chair. With this advanced treatment, you could receive your new crown in as little as an hour or two. So how is it made?

    To begin with, treatment is much the same as for a conventional crown. Your dentist will still need to prepare your tooth using a local anesthetic to make sure you cannot feel anything while they remove all damaged areas of your tooth.

    Your tooth will still be shaped in exactly the same way as for a conventional crown, to make sure there is sufficient room for the new crown and to ensure it looks natural and feels immediately comfortable.

    No Need for an Uncomfortable Dental Impression

    Once the crown is prepared then treatment becomes quite different. Most people are familiar with the concept of having a dental impression taken of their mouth, a procedure that is often quite uncomfortable even though it’s only necessary to wear the mouth tray for a couple of minutes while the impression material hardens.

    The dental impression of the mouth can be particularly hard for people with a strong gag reflex.

    With a same-day crown, you will not need to have a dental impression taken of your tooth as instead it is scanned by your dentist using a specialized camera. This creates an extremely accurate 3-D image of your tooth that is sent to the computer.

    By inputting this image into highly specialized software, your dentist can then design your new crown before this information is sent to the on-site milling machine.

    The Shade of Your New Tooth

    The next stage is for your dentist to choose the shade of your new tooth, another process that is completely familiar to many people who have already had dental restorations.

    This shade will be matched to a pre-shaded block of pure porcelain and which will be used by the milling machine to mill your new tooth using highly accurate digital technology.

    Once the tooth is milled, it still must be hand-finished. This normally involves either glazing or polishing the crown and characterizing it so it looks just like your own tooth. The final step of treatment is for the new crown to be fitted and bonded in place.

    While the crown is being made, many dental offices including Family Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry now have in-chair entertainment allowing you to watch TV or a movie, or to relax by listening to music or reading a book, so the time should fly by. It’s far more convenient than having to return for a second or even third appointment.

    Not Just for Crowns

    Although this technology is frequently used to make dental crowns, it can also be used to make porcelain fillings and even porcelain veneers. It’s a highly versatile system that can be utilized to create multiple restorations for a patient during one visit.

    What About the Quality of a Same-Day Crown?

    The really great thing about this crown is that the restorations produced by 3-D CADCAM technology are of extremely high quality.

    If your dentist office you this type of restoration, then you can rest assured there will definitely be no compromise on the quality of your new tooth. In fact, the quality is often better than the restorations that can be produced conventionally in a dental lab.

    This is because the restorations are precision-made, creating an excellent marginal fit that will completely seal your tooth, preventing bacteria in your mouth from getting inside your prepared tooth. The materials used to make these restorations are sophisticated and lifelike and extremely strong. The resulting restorations should last for many years before they need replacing.

    Are Same-Day Crowns Always the Best Solution?

    Same-day crowns often offer a great solution for patients who need a new tooth, particularly for anybody who wants a new restoration in a hurry.

    Although dentists go to a great deal of trouble to create temporary restorations that look and feel pretty good, there is always the worry that they will fall out or come loose and there is the need to avoid particularly hard or sticky foods that could damage these temporary teeth. Additionally, they never look quite as good as the real thing.

    However, there may be occasions when it is better to stick to more conventionally made crowns and other porcelain restorations. Sometimes having these crowns handcrafted in a dental laboratory will produce better results, as a technician will be able to use a far greater choice of porcelains to create a natural-looking tooth. This can be particularly advantageous when planning complex smile makeovers or full mouth restorations that require a combination of several different techniques and procedures.

    If you do need a new crown, your dentist can discuss all possible options with you and if they offer same-day crowns then this may well be a good solution. It’s only by assessing your personal needs, that your dentist can suggest the best choice of treatment for you.

    Do you have any questions about Teeth Crowns in Brooklyn NY such as the Porcelain Crown or other types of crowns made from ceramic or zirconia? Would you like more information about a crown procedure or schedule an appointment with the best-rated cosmetic dentist Khabensky, DDS, of Family Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry? Please contact our dental center for a consultation.

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