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    Full dental implants can be created in a variety of different ways. The best choice for you depends on your need, your budget, and your overall health. You need to have your teeth, gums, bone, and mouth examined by a professional. Fortunately, your cosmetic dentists in Brooklyn are also general dentists who can take care of any underlying dental problems that may be standing in the way of your getting the winning smile you desire. Come to our cosmetic dental center to receive the most efficient, functional, and highly esthetic results. Meet our family, cosmetic dentists in Brooklyn Alex, and Igor Khabensky DDS to get the fastest & painless dental implant treatments.

    Before and After Implant Dentures
    Full-Mouth Dental Implants Before and After

    There are a surprising number of tooth restoration options available today. You have so many choices, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming. But with the right advice and guidance from your cosmetic dentist, the decision gets easier every day.

    Full dental implants offer you several advantages over other methods of teeth replacement. If you’re missing all of your teeth, for example, full dental implants on a secured denture or an implant-supported bridge can replace them effectively. And the end results are difficult to distinguish from your natural teeth.

    Artificial teeth replace your teeth and are anchored in place by the implants. These hold your teeth in place in much the same way as your roots secured your natural teeth. Because implanted-supported dentures and bridges actually replace some of your roots, they also help preserve your bone. This puts an end to the recession of your bone and gums.

    Don’t Just Waste Away

    Traditional dentures can fail to preserve your jawbone. The bone that once surrounded the roots of your teeth begins to deteriorate because the roots are no longer there. The bone simply wastes away over time as your body reabsorbs it. Dental implant procedures, when done correctly, fuse with your jawbone and keep your bone healthy and intact. The best cosmetic dentist is highly skilled in working with full-mouth dental implants and bridges.

    Not only does the bone loss of traditional dentures cause your jaw to collapse, but it also means you have to have your dentures adjusted several times to compensate. Your implant-supported dentures and bridges only have to be fitted once. And they enable you to eat anything you want. Artificial teeth are also aesthetically superior to traditional dentures. Plus, they’re much easier to maintain.

    The First Step Toward Your Full Denture Implants

    Full-mouth dental implants take a couple of steps to complete. The actual implants resemble screws or cylinders. The first step is to place the artificial teeth into your jaw.

    Over the period of two to six months, the bone and tissue surrounding your implants are allowed to heal. During this period, your bone grows around your artificial teeth and anchors them into place. Your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist provides you with a temporary tooth replacement to wear while you heal. This prevents you from feeling self-conscious until your dental work is complete.

    Healing Caps and Crowns

    It’s often necessary to perform a second procedure to uncover your implants if your gums have begun to cover them. Extensions are then attached. These extensions are sometimes called healing caps.

    These caps, along with several other types of connecting devices, enable multiple crowns to attach to your artificial teeth. The crowns complete the foundation for your new smile. Your gums need to heal for another couple of weeks following this procedure, but then you’re good to go.

    Offerings by the Best Dentist in Brooklyn

    Some newer full dental implants can skip the second step all-together because they come with the extension pieces already attached. And you have a couple of options for how your crowns are secured to your implants. Your bridge or dentures can either tighten directly to your implant, or they can be clipped to a bar or a ball anchor. If you opt for the bar or ball, your denture or bridge can snap on and off. Your cosmetic dentist can help you understand which options are best for you.

    Once your full bridge or full denture is created and attached, your ability to chew normally and to speak without slurring is restored. Your smile and confidence are also reestablished. Full-mouth dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth. They’re nearly impossible for even you to tell the difference.

    Your Brooklyn Dentists Are Experts

    Each and every mouth is different. So what worked for somebody else won’t necessarily work for you. Your individual dental needs, combined with your lifestyle choices, determine which method of artificial teeth you should have.

    You may be pleasantly surprised to know that the best cosmetic dentist is also the best family dentist. The father-son practice has been working with implant technology for years. So they have the knowledge and experience to ensure your absolute satisfaction with your full dental implants or bridge.

    If you’re seeking the best-looking, most functional solution for tooth loss, artificial teeth may be the best solution for you. Take the time to consult with your cosmetic dentist. Don’t settle for uncomfortable, outdated dentures when the top dental technology is only a visit away.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of full mouth dental implants?

    The cost of teeth replacement can range from $7,000 to $60,000. It can cost you roughly $30,000 to get a bottom or top set of full mouth dental implants. However, it is not possible to state the exact number as it depends on the quality of materials, your geographic location, and the experience/qualifications of your dentist. It is highly recommended to request the final fee before undergoing this procedure.

    Are full mouth dental implants painful?

    The vast majority of patients who have already undergone this procedure report that there is very little discomfort involved. Your dentist can use local anesthesia during the procedure. Patients also add that the process of placing artificial teeth is less painful than a tooth extraction. Once the surgery is done, your tooth practitioner will treat mild soreness with over-the-counter pain medications, such as Motrin or Tylenol.

    What to expect during the full mouth dental implants recovery stage?

    Regardless of whether you have your artificial teeth in one or multiple stages, you will still experience a certain degree of discomfort, including:

    • Swelling of the gums and face
    • Pain at the implant site
    • Minor bleeding
    • Bruising of your gums and skin

    As was mentioned above, your dental specialist will prescribe you pain medications once the procedure is performed. Additionally, you should eat soft foods while the surgical site heals. Normally, dentists use stitches that dissolve on their own. Although, if your stitches are not self-dissolving, your surgeon will remove them.

    How to clean full mouth dental implants?

    There are no specific rules on how to take care of your implants. However, you should follow the following simple recommendations:

    • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush: soft bristles are less likely to cause bleeding or damage your gums. They are equally as effective at removing plaque and tartar as medium or hard bristles.
    • Brush at least twice a day: brushing in the morning helps eliminate bacteria that have built up in the mouth during your night’s sleep. Brushing in the evening assists in removing bacteria that have accumulated during the day.
    • Use a water flosser: this method disrupts and removes bacteria in pocket depth.
    • Use low-abrasive toothpaste: it is recommended to use a toothpaste that does not contain ingredients such as baking-soda or stain-remover agents. These agents might wear on acrylic and remove the glaze from your artificial teeth.

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