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    Smile Makeover in Brooklyn, NY

    Achieving the brightest, healthiest, and best smile is worth the smile makeover cost. And when you visit your cosmetic dentistry specialist in Brooklyn, you can work out plans that fit your budget and your lifestyle. Once you’ve invested in your smile makeover dental procedures, keep up with careful dental habits at home and regular cleanings and exams at your family dentist in Brooklyn.

    Teeth cleaning
    Teeth cleaning

    If you’re unhappy with your appearance and believe that you could benefit from cosmetic dental work on your teeth smile, you’re probably ready for a smile makeover in Brooklyn. Cosmetic dentistry, as performed by your family dentist in Brooklyn, is affordable, accessible and exceptional. Your smile makeover cost can be as little or as much as you want. Dental procedures to improve your best smile can easily stretch out over time or can be done quickly — all according to your specific goals.

    What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

    Your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist offers a lengthy list of services and cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile and improve your health and overall appearance. At the same time, because your smile makeover won’t nearly do you the justice you deserve until you have healthy smile teeth, gums and bones, your Brooklyn general dentist makes sure you have the healthiest start to a brilliant smile.

    The First Step to a Smile Makeover

    When the best dentist for smile makeover Igor Khabensky, DDS is both your family dentist and your cosmetic dentist, you’ve already built a relationship based on trust and understanding. It’s much easier to convey your goals to someone who’s known you and has provided you with all your basic dental needs.

    Before embarking on your smile makeover in NY, your dental team always ensures you’re beginning the process with a healthy mouth. To achieve that, you may need:

    Smile Doctors for Your Road to a Beautiful Smile

    Once you’re all caught up on your basic dental needs, you can consider what you hope to achieve with your smile makeover procedure. Following the basic smile design categories you can choose from, your Brooklyn smile dentist may suggest the best route for you. Choices may include developing a:

    • Youthful look. Your permanent smile teeth are more prominent than your baby teeth. When they first come in, before they’ve had a chance to wear over time, your incisors are longer, which is mostly associated with a youthful appearance. Central teeth that are longer create a line directly to the center of your face, and highlight your chin and nose. The youthful look is ideal if you have attractive, full lips.
    • Sophisticated look. After years of use, the longer teeth wear down, leaving a straighter line across the front of your mouth. This horizontal appearance is associated with mature adults, conveying a wise and sophisticated demeanor. A straighter line also places emphasis on the lower half of your face.
    • Sporty look. This is a popular smile makeover option because it offers a good balance between the sophisticated and youthful looks. Your central teeth smile may be slightly longer, but not as much as they are in the youthful choice. The sporty look portrays a warmer and more casual appearance.

    Smile Makeover Options in Brooklyn, NY

    Your best smile dentist in Brooklyn is a respected member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists and provides you with the full spectrum of services you need to achieve the appearance you desire. To reach certain models, you may need:

    • Crowns to cap teeth following a restorative procedure
    • Bridge to fill in small gaps
    • Implants to provide a more stable set of permanent replacement teeth
    • Gum contouring to build or restore your gum line

    Factoring in your smile makeover cost, you also may choose to undergo some of the more common, popular cosmetic procedures, including:

    How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

    Depending on which dental procedures you choose and how much base preparation you need, your smile makeover costs can vary widely. The basics, such as white fillings or bonding, can run between $100 and $400 for each tooth. Whitening your smile teeth professionally can range from $250 to more than $500. Crowns and orthodontics can add thousands of dollars to your smile makeover cost.

    Instead of worrying about dollars and cents, consider your smile makeover costs an investment in your self-esteem and in some cases, in your future earning potential. Your Brooklyn smile dentist works with you to make sure you can receive the treatments you desire — and ones your dentist deems safe and practical for you. Your comfort and satisfaction are tantamount.

    Do you have any questions about the Smile Makeover procedure in Brooklyn? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best dentist for smile makeovers in Brooklyn, Alex Khabensky, DDS, and Igor Khabensky, DDS of Family Cosmetic Dentistry of Brooklyn? Please contact our dental clinic for consultation with the dentists Alex and Igor Khabensky DDS, the best smile doctors.

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