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    Throbbing Tooth Pain – Top Rated Brooklyn Dentists

    Whether you have throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes, or you’re suffering from a constant throbbing tooth, call the best dentists in Brooklyn for an evaluation and treatment now. Even if it’s an emergency, your general & family dentist is there for you. At our cosmetic dental center in Brooklyn, we offer the same day appointments for dental emergencies.

    When you have a toothache, the degree of pain can vary from a dull ache to an intense throbbing pain that leaves you unable to pay attention to anything except how to find relief from the pain. You may also experience throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes intermittently.

    While you want to believe your toothache will simply go away on its own, you most likely need to receive professional dental treatment for your throbbing tooth. Ask your Brooklyn family dentist: why is my tooth throbbing? He can diagnose and treat almost any cause.

    Throbbing Tooth Pain Basics

    Pain that emanates from a tooth can be very intense. Over-the-counter pain relievers often don’t work quickly enough. Most often, when your tooth is throbbing, it usually means that the dental pulp has become inflamed. The dental pulp of a tooth contains the blood vessels and nerves at the very center of the tooth.

    There are a few other possible causes of throbbing pain that may not actually be caused by a tooth, such as infected gums or sinusitis. It’s not always easy to tell where the pain is coming from, especially if it’s excruciating and overpowering. That’s another reason to turn to a caring professional.

    Symptoms of a Diseased or Damaged Tooth

    Prepare to tell your dentist in Brooklyn about your pain to better help him diagnose the cause. To answer your questions, you must provide answers about your experience. Consider, for example:

    • Is it throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes or is it continuous?
    • Is it a dull ache or shooting pain?
    • How long do pain episodes last?
    • Does it hurt to bite or chew?
    • When did the pain first appear?
    • Does hot or cold food and beverages affect your pain level?
    • Is there anything that helps relieve the pain?

    You may experience other types of discomfort, such as sensitivity to pressure. You may have other symptoms such as fever, swelling around the tooth or drainage from an infected tooth. Relate all your symptoms to your dentist.

    Why Is My Tooth Throbbing?

    Broken Tooth
    Broken Tooth

    Your general dentist in Brooklyn may give you many possible answers when you ask, “Why is my tooth throbbing?” Possible causes of intense tooth pain include:

    Largecavities or a blow to a tooth can cause nerve damage inside the tooth. A throbbing tooth that keeps you up at night may be abscessed, which means the root of the tooth and the tissues around it are infected.

    Treatment of Excruciating Toothaches

    Treatment of your intense tooth pain depends on what’s causing it. If your Brooklyn dentist determines that your pain is caused by a cavity or a damaged filling, treatment may include an extraction or a new filling. If it’s infected, you may need a root canal and a crown.

    An antibiotic may be prescribed for an infected tooth because you can’t undergo any other procedures until the infection clears up. If you have gum disease or sinusitis, you may need to undergo gum disease treatment.

    When to See Your Brooklyn General Dentist

    By the time you’re experiencing a throbbing pain in your tooth, chances are you’re no longer able to ignore the discomfort. You may have tried to ignore the toothache when the pain was mild, but eventually the pain intensifies and can’t be ignored.

    If you have severe constant pain or sleepless nights, or if you have a fever, definitely have your Brooklyn family dentist evaluate the cause of your tooth pain. Continuing to ignore a toothache, particularly if you have had it for more than a day or two, eventually leads to severe discomfort, swelling, difficulty eating and more invasive, and expensive, treatments.

    Getting Help for Throbbing Tooth Pain

    Throbbing tooth pain can be excruciating and should be addressed by your Brooklyn dentist as soon as possible, particularly if your pain is constant. If you have throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes, you should schedule an appointment and an exam very soon.

    If you have a toothache or need a consultation for any tooth problems, rely on Quentin Smile Dental Practice, the best dentist in Brooklyn. You don’t need to suffer. Your dental team can relieve any pain or discomfort you have so that your teeth are healthy.

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